Since its inception, Arakur reaffirms its commitment to the environment. Its avant-garde design, based on sustainable architecture standards, combines the highest technology and the use of natural resources to ensure the conservation of the enviornment.

The building

An extensive copper cover takes on a green hue that seamlessly blends with the natural landscape. The use of stone is an example of material recovery: the same rock extracted during construction rises in its imposing facade. Recovered lenga and ñire wood, as well as old oak barrels, find a new home in floors, claddings, and elegant decor. Spacious areas harness natural light to ensure efficient use of resources while allowing the appreciation of the breathtaking panoramic views.

  • Public areas with low-consumption LED lighting
  • Geothermal system for air conditioning and radiant floor heating for outdoor walkways
  • Free Cooling system by exterior air flow in rooms
  • Thermal insulation: floors with ventilated air chamber, use of mineral wool, and double-glazed windows

Through such sustainable construction actions, gas and electricity consumption in the hotel is reduced to one-third of a traditional construction.

Comfort and Consciousness

The status of all areas and rooms is controlled through an intelligent home automation module which allows real-time monitoring. Using window opening sensors and a card system for presence detection, we ensure hygiene, safety, and comfort without compromising our commitment to the environment.

Use of volatile compound-free materials

Wooden floors and corridors with fire-resistant carpets

Automatic renewal with outdoor air in public and service areas

Individual and automatic control of temperature and light for each room

Battery-free alarm clocks and room safes

Where there’s water, there’s life.

Rational water use is a fundamental goal of our environmental program; that’s why we have the duty to raise awareness through communication to our staff and guests. Bathrooms and heating systems are equipped with various elements to optimize the use of our valuable resource.

  • Sheets and towels are washed on demand
  • Dual flush toilets (3 and 5 liters)
  • Hot water radiator regulated by modulating valve
  • Bathroom faucets with aerators for reduced consumption


 Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve


A few minutes from the city center, the Cerro Alarkén Natural Reserve covers more than 100 hectares, dedicated to the preservation of nature and home to various species of Tierra del Fuego’s flora and fauna. Foxes, black-chested buzzard-eagles, and condors are some of the inhabitants that can be found along its trails through streams and forests of lenga, ñire, and coihue trees. From the Summit, a natural panoramic viewpoint, you can admire unique views of the Canal and the Bay with their mountains, valleys, and glaciers.

Among its attractions is a very special highlight: the Peat field. These formations, originated by ancient glacial backwater lagoons, are very important for the scientific community as they preserve environmental information for thousands of years, allowing the study of temperature evolution and other environmental factors. Additionally, they perform various functions that contribute to biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

  • Habitat for native bird species
  • Drinking water source, regulation of the water cycle, and carbon reserve
  • Regulates runoff and prevents floods


From the Yahgans to the present day, this resource has been exploited due to its various uses in the cosmetic and energy industries. These actions, combined with the increase in wild livestock, led to a reduction of this delicate biome in the region. That’s why, in the Reserve, we actively work for its conservation and recovery.


Our services are planned comprehensively. This involves offering a high-category experience through our gastronomy, spa, and entertainment, with a special focus on sustainable development and ecological preservation.


  • Double water filtering and treatment system
  • Natural travertine marble with radiant floor heating
  • Hot air injection system for outdoor deck
  • Chlorine reduction by ionizer and automatic filters


  • Dishwasher with heat recovery system
  • Energy recovery and preheating of renewal air through electric compressors in refrigerated chambers
  • Kitchen equipped with induction cookers: higher efficiency and combustion-free

Other Services

  • Automatic faucets in public and service areas
  • Return of clean water to the stream from our own effluent treatment plant
  • Washing machines with dual circuit for water recovery (50% consumption reduction)
  • Heat exchangers for the generation of sanitary hot water, heating, and pools.
  • Gas consumption reduction through hot water storage tanks
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