Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

100 Hectares of native forests, fauna and flora.

The Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve, intended for the preservation of nature, is home to several species of Fuegian flora and fauna, lengas, ñires and coihues forests, more than 1 km of coastline on the Arroyo Grande, and a natural viewpoint that dominates the view at 360 °

Arakur Ushuaia is located within the Reserve and very close to the summit of Cerro Alarkén.

From the gates of Arakur, the trails that cross the Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve leave, an area of ​​more than 100 hectares, intended for the preservation of the native forest of lengas, ñires and coihues, and the various species of flora and fauna of the region.

The natural viewpoint on the summit of the Hill offers panoramic views of the Ushuaia Bay, the Martial and Vinciguerra mountain ranges with its glacier, the valleys of Andorra and the Chico River, the Cortés Hill, the Olivia Mountains and Five Brothers and the Beagle Channel.

In the Nature Reserve you can practice sports activities and take guided walks with different levels of difficulty.

– Trekking circuits

– Flora and fauna watching within the Nature Reserve.

– Photo walks.

Arakur Experience

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